That moment when your beloved tucks your hair behind your ears, just like always. That nervous laugh that leaps from your mouth right before you take your vows, and that perfect light as you rest in each others eyes; Darling Juliet Photography catches the moments that cannot be recreated—those that sculpt your lifetime.

Each one of your days has led up to this one. You gave months, maybe years, picking the venue that fits your style, the dress that radiates the excitement you feel. In these hours, there exists everything. Volumes of laughter. Your shared history. The unscripted future presented before you, ready for the first chapter.

Wedding photographs share your love story to your friends, family, children, and grandchildren. In a fraction of a second your love story unfolds, detailing the family you belong to and the many things you can create together.

Let’s render the beauty and legacy of your life together, shape the memories that will bring you back to the music of your love, to remember the moment when you first held hands, and now, how excited you are to share your life together.

It would be our honor to be more than just the photographer—but your photographer.

Hello there! We are Darling Juliet...

Hi, I'm Julia
  • Hi, I’m Julia

  • Founder/Photographer
  • I’m a photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee and South Florida! I absolutely adore traveling and am a mother to my sweet baby girl, Eisley. I have been photographing for over 10 years and have had the privilege of being featured in Inked Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Alternative Press, Living North Magazine and DISfunkshion Magazine.


  • Regan

  • Photographer
  • I grew up in sunny Florida and began video and photography when I was in 5th grade. I would create short films and have “showings” for my friends and family. That’s when my love for photography began. I started to shoot weddings when I was in 8th grade, looking back… lets just say, I’ve improved immensely, haha! And now here I am 14 years later, in Nashville, living my passion as a photographer. I have a huge passion for people and their stories. I love capturing the raw, candid moments. I always get comments like “I didn’t even realize you captured that!!”. I like to make my client feel relaxed and comfortable, like we’ve been friends forever. Some of my favorite things: the farmers market, tacos, going on adventures with my husband and pup, a good cup of coffee, and spending time with the people I love.